We are Chennai based Architectural company mainly focus on Architectural space Planning, elevation Design & Interior Design.

Let us talk about few of our Important/Prestigious Projects:

Church Projects @ Kodaikanal:

We have done two church projects in Kodaikanal. One project is completely designed from scratch to finish by us. Another one is a renovation project in which we have changed the roof portion and the Elevation of the building. the Front Bell Tower was designed by us also the Interior design and finishes selection was done by us.

Church @Perumalmalai

It's a Renovation Project. The church building situated in the hills of Perumal malai which has breathtaking views and excellent contours. Due to the undulated topography/ Contours the foreground of the building has nice Landscapes. We have taken the advantage of foreground and designed the front Elevation of dwelling unit to go well/merge with the natural beauty. we have adopted modern Architectural style for the building but put in lot of efforts to integrate with scenic natural beauty. The finishes of front facades were Combination of Gray Color Cut stones and White Color smoothly finished walls. The Front portico has very simple form of Rectangular shape which supports the St. Thomas Statue. The Background of the Statue was finished with Gray color natural stones and has wide white arch Border on the sides and top.

P. Christy Adaikalam,
Principal Architect,
Pralcka Architects.

Let us Talk about our completed Projects:

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